The American Patriot News was begun by Bob Root in Taylor County, FL in late 2012. Bob was able to purchase several printers that could print the 11” x 17” paper and distributed them around Florida to those who were interested. Twenty-three Florida counties now print and distribute the APN in their areas, either printing what is e-mailed out by Bob every other week and adding their county news or supplying all their own content. Since those early days, the APN has expanded to include editions in counties in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, South Carolina, Tennessee and California.
    The Putnam County edition of the APN was begun in January 2013 and by early summer, a small staff of devoted, conservative folks have taken upon themselves to organize, print and distribute our own paper, searching the “net” for those news stories you will not find elsewhere, and occasionally sharing stories and writers with Perry County.
    As of Memorial Day 2016, we discontinued printing and distributing the APN in Putnam County, due to increased costs of paper and toner coupled with a diminished staff. However, we still set-up a weekly newspaper and e-mail it to more than 100 subscribers (and growing), all entirely free! We will continue to include business card sized ads of those conservative businesses in Putnam County that supported the printed APN newspaper for nearly four years.
    We would welcome contributions to the APN (mailed to American Patriot News, 115 Dowda Circle, Crescent City, FL – 32112) to defray our web hosting and internet fees. The editor and staff continue to believe that the Putnam County edition of American Patriot News is a must in these times, to inform the taxpayers and voters of the issues and problems nationally, state-wide and locally.